Direct Action Ghost Review – Good Hunting Pack?

Direct Action Ghost – Tactical Backpack for Hunting

Any serious hunting enthusiast knows that tough adventures require tough gear. You want a durable tactical bag, you can easily grab and go when things get messy – the perfect definition of the Direct Action Ghost Tactical Backpack.

The legendary tactical gear comes fully packed with all the basics and even luxuries of a premium hunting backpack. For instance, it is a versatile bag that can be used both as an everyday daypack or outdoor tactical gear – your choice.

It is however, at its best when facing abuse from the unforgiving, wild nature. To put this into perspective, here’s an in-depth look at the Direct Action Ghost backpack.

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Before diving right in, it’s worth mentioning that this backpack is quite easy on the eye and you’ll likely feel drawn to it from the get go.

It is perfectly designed with great aesthetics, quality materials and premium finishes. That said, here are some of the features to expect.

Durable – 100% Cordura

As earlier mentioned, this is by far the most ideal backpack for serious outdoorsmen. The Ghost is made with 500 Denier Cordura material. This material is specifically designed to be tear and abrasion resistant.

If you’ve been hiking or hunting for a while, chances are you’ve encountered some quality issues with your backpacks. There’s nothing as frustrating as stuck zippers, ripped materials or snapped straps while out in the woods.

Fortunately, Direct Action has you covered in this regard. As a tactical backpack designed for aggressive hunting applications, you can bet on it to handle any form of abuse Mother Nature throws its way.

Slim Profile and Lightweight Design

Are you tired of the daunting bulges formed at the back of most backpacks when you load them to the brim? Well, the Action Ghost has this covered too!

As earlier stated, the aesthetics are purely exceptional. But who knew the taller, slimmer profile it boasts can also make your hunting adventures worth the while.

It is a lightweight beast innovatively crafted to distribute weight in uniform fashion and while at it, make your hunting expeditions less daunting.

The slim profile also serves as a refreshing change from the somewhat standard design of most tactical backpacks flooding the market. Speaking of aesthetics, the Direct Action Ghost backpack is available in multiple colors including various camouflage.


The Direct Action Ghost comes with pockets for days. In fact, few tactical backpacks on the market can match the organizational storage space found on this gear.

Most tactical bags come with a single, large rucksack to hold your stuff. The Direct Action Ghost sports a plethora of thoughtful pockets to stash all your hunting basics.

If you generally enjoy storing your stuff in organized fashion, then this pack has plenty of neat meshed pockets everywhere.


Some tactical backpacks can quickly turn your hunting trip from a fun-filled gaming expedition into a nightmare. The reason being the thin spaghetti straps that exert great pressure on your shoulders.

In this regard, the Ghost gets it right once again. It is perfectly designed with sufficiently padded straps. Additionally, the breathable, soft back area and weight distributing waist belt keep you comfortable.

If you are packing for up to a three day hunting expedition, then the Ghost will do a great job at preventing back aches without leaving you drained.


The best feature, of course, has to be its sheer versatility that makes it adaptable for use in different scenarios.

For instance, it sports innovative side compression straps that work at lashing down gear such as camping tents, tarps or extra jackets. It goes without saying that most bulky goods should be lashed on the outside in order to create space for the items stuffed inside.

You also get a laser cut molle to help you in this regard. Not to mention compatible pouches intended at increasing your storage capacity.

Direct Action Ghost Backpack Features:

  • Three-day tactical backpack designed for advanced hunting applications.
  • 100% 500 denier Cordura materials.
  • Low-profile, unique laser cut PALS/MOLLE system for a snag-free fit and lightweight feel.
  • Water-resistant, durable material with numerous camo/color options for versatility.
  • Patented Combat Vent System® for enhanced comfort over extended periods of time.


Things we like

  • Natural feel with a cozy touch and comfortable straps.
  • Detachable features for enhanced portability.
  • Strong, durable tear resistant 500 Denier Cordura materials.
  • Webbing intended at hooking small items such as keys or a flashlight.
  • Unique slim profile design with great camouflage patterns on the exterior.
  • Numerous pockets and tons of organizational space.


Things that could be better

  • The numerous nooks and crannies can make it a little confusing.
  • A little expensive compared to other tactical backpacks of its class.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Does the Direct Action Ghost Tactical Backpack come in different colors?
A. Yes! You have a wide range of color options and camouflage patterns to choose from. It shouldn’t be a hassle finding your preferred style.

Q. How much gear can you fit into the Ghost backpack?
A. The versatile bag has been designed for three-day camping or hiking expeditions outdoors. In a nutshell, you can carry tons of gear without having to worry about overloading or weighing you down.

Q. Is the backpack waterproof?
A. Somewhat. It has been crafted using strong, water resistant 500 denier Cordura materials to prevent water absorption. This pack cannot be submerged.

Q. How long will the Direct Action Ghost tactical backpack last?
A. This depends on how well you take care of it. However, the 500D Cordura exterior is built to last a lifetime if well treated. It is designed to handle any form of abuse the woods may throw its way.

Q. Does the bad have D-ring attachments?
A. Sure. You get a host of perfectly-placed D-rings attachments around the bag to help you hook your small items ranging from keys to flashlights.

Final Verdict

When it’s all said, the Direct Action Ghost Tactical backpack stands out as one of the best tactical gear bags ever made.

It is purely a beast crafted for the serious outdoor enthusiast seeking a durable companion to accommodate all hunting basics.

For starters, it sports unique aesthetics that easily outrank most tactical backpacks of its caliber. The camouflage patterns are highly unique and a refreshing change from the standard army hues found in other tactical packs.

Secondly, the Ghost adheres to all stringent military-grade standards, meaning it is a quality product made for the aggressive. It is highly unlikely the Ghost will fail you in times of need. Can you imagine a bag that just won’t open its zippers when you really need it to? Well, you can bet on this grab and go gear to serve you right when you spot a game.

If you are in the market for a high quality tactical backpack for hunting, camping or even everyday use, your safest bet lies in Direct Action Ghost Backpack. You get great value for your investment and a lifelong companion while at it.

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