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Being a hunter, you are aware that the importance of having a hunting backpack cannot be said enough. These bags provide storage for all gear needed while hunting as well as supplies that you may require, thereby enabling you to keep your hands free when trekking through the fields. Keeping hands free is essential while walking through the woods, as you need them to balance having in mind that the grounds in these areas are not much friendly. Owing to this, every hunter needs to own at least one hunting backpack. Choosing one that can fulfill your needs from the variety of them available is hard. For this reason, you should read through the article below, as it can help make your selection easy, having provided a review of the ten best hunting backpacks.

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Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Backpack for Hunting – The Ultimate Buyers Guide

Before having a look at the best ten bags for your hunting, let’s briefly discuss what you should consider when purchasing your hunting backpack.

  • Size

Backpacks come in different sizes; there is the small sizes ideal for overnight packs, medium sizes suitable for a weekend package and the big sizes suitable for a week-long packing. Based on the gear and fuel you intend to carry, you should be able to decide on the best bag to accommodate all your stuff. Consider the length of time you will be away, the weather, as well as your activity. This should help you determine what to leave behind and what you must have in your bag.

  • Durability

How sturdy do you expect your bag to be? This is a question you will want to answer, as you will want to ensure that your bag is suitable to endure all hardships. A good bag should have the ability to carry 50 lbs+, without breaking. First, determine the weight of the stuff you expect to carry on a regular basis, and from this determine the type of bag that can endure this weight with no problem. Look for a bag made of high-quality material, and one with proper inner and outer stitches. There should be no signs of threads that seem to come out, and the threading at the shoulder straps should be secure. If you expect the bag to handle an extra load of meat from your hunting, be extra cautious in this one.

  • Comfort

Apart from having a durable bag, you will want one that keeps you comfortable in the entire trip. How can you get to determine if the bag you want to buy will give you the comfort you want? A good pack should enable you to adjust it’s shoulder straps and waist belt so that it fits you well. On the other hand, it should have comfortable padding so that it doesn’t press you much and it should bear enough ventilation to keep you fresh during the entire you have worn it.

  • Features of The Backpack

Based on your preference there are several features that you will consider first when buying your hunting bag. Is ventilation a concern to you? If it is, you will want a bag made of lightweight mesh or perforated foam. When you expect to carry heavyweight stuff, you will want to ensure that your bag has sufficient padding both on the shoulder straps and hip belt. External features such as Loops, daisy chains, and bungees are other features you might want to consider, especially if you need some additional space to store gear. Apart from these, check if your bag has several compartments, to enable you to keep it more organized. Finally check for a rain cover in your bag, especially if you anticipate to go to rainy environments frequently. Good bags should be made out of water resistant material or at least lined with waterproof material.

  • Color

Hunting bags come in different colors shades. Based on the region you consider to go hunting, you need to choose colors that match to that environment. This is on a mission to ensure your safety, as you do not want to be so conspicuous from a far distance. Some of the patterns available are the Navy, digital, Zimbabwe, Germany, Turkish, Australian, Cyprus, woodland, desert, Russia, snow, Netherlands and many others. These varieties give you a wide range to choose from. For instance, when you plan to go hunting in a forest, a backpack with shades of green will work best for you, while in a desert, a bag with shades of brown is the best option. Therefore, once you have chosen the best bag based on the factors discussed earlier, go with a color that best suits your hunting region. A good backpack should be camouflaged.

  • Reputation of The Manufacturer and Warranty

How reputable is the pack’s manufacturer? How willing is the manufacturer, when it comes to standing for the bag? You should research on this, as you do want to purchase such a valuable asset only to find out that it was a fake. Be cautious of fly by night companies that sell cheap bags. Consider buying your pack from popular hunting backpack manufacturers who are willing to offer full warranties for their products. You can easily get a reputable brand by reading previous customer reviews as they can give you an opinion of the quality of the bags by certain manufacturers.

Now that you have a concept of what to look for when purchasing your hunting backpack, let’s have a look at the best bags available to you. The review is a detailed discussion of the features, pros, and cons that you can expect from the ten backpacks. Also, we provide a list of the most common frequently asked questions with regards to these backpacks. Therefore, read on and get a brief idea of what to expect from buying any of them.

Comparison Chart of The Top 10 Best Backpacks for Hunting

Best Hunting Backpacks Reviews

1.   ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Back Pack

Best Budget Hunting Backpack

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Back Pack

This bag is a good choice when trekking through the field. It has a large main pocket and front pocket, and lower side mesh pockets. These pockets enable one to keep all gear organized. Apart from these, it also has a bow pocket that allows the user store the bow and rifles. This pocket pulls down from the bottom of the bag while in use and stows away while not in use. It’s lashing straps help in keeping the bow in place.


  • Drop-down pocket that helps to carry the bow or rifles securely.
  • A blaze orange rain cover that helps protect gear stored in the bag from rain.
  • Center aluminum stay that provides extra support.
  • Hydration pocket that enables the user to carry along sufficient drinking water.
  • Adjustable and well-padded waist belt for the user’s comfort.
  • Well-padded shoulder harness that enhances comfort while carrying heavy weight.
  • Organizational self-pocket that enables keeping of needed gear at fingertips.
  • Total Pack Weight is 4pounds and 1 ounce which makes it an excellent lightweight pack.
  • A D-ring clip that enables hanging of the bag from a tree.
  • Large main and front pockets that allow storing of large amounts of gear.

  • The bag is light in weight and durable
  • Padded shoulder belt and waist belt give much comfort
  • Its hip belt is removable
  • Adjustable shoulder harness
  • Comes along with tons of storage
  • The backpack does not make noise

  • The bag is not waterproof

Due to its durability, the ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Backpack is a perfect choice if you want to avoid falling a victim of buying packs that are prone to wear and tear. This pack is also a fabulous choice for those who deal with a large amount of gear as it contains enough storage space.

2.   Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Backpack

Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Backpack

This is a backpack that has proved much durability and sturdiness. It amazes most users from its awesome warranty coverage and its ability to endure much weight. The features in this bag are in such a way that the user can carry its weight through the hips, without exerting much pressure to the spine. It, therefore, seems quite promising for those who carry much weight. Have a look at its features, and what to expect if you buy one.


  • KXO-32 fabric which makes the bag strong quiet and waterproof.
  • T-6 aluminum aircraft frame to support the weight of the loads comfortably.
  • Several compartments for gear storage.
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty.
  • Rear straps to enable holding of the bow or rifles.
  • A rear entry suspension system that enables easy access to the inside of the pack without having to take the pack off.
  • A meat shelf that provides space for your game.

  • Come with an excellent lifetime warranty package
  • Its weight is evenly distributed, and it can carry a lot of weight comfortably
  • Lots of storage spaces
  • It is comfortable and stays in place
  • Does not make noise while on move
  • It offers a great value for money
  • The backpack is strong and sturdy

  • It does not have a water bladder meaning that you should get this separately
  • Backpack is not waterproof and doesn’t come with a rain cover

Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Backpack is well known for its top-notch back support which enables distribution of weight to the hips without straining the spine. These bags prove to be fit for ergonomics therefore suitable for heavy load carriers. These packs are also suitable for carrying the rifle or bow, and they also give easy access to these weapons. Despite the fact that they are a little bit expensive, their features are worth the extra amount.

3.   ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS Hunting Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS Hunting Pack

Manufactured by ALPS OutdoorZ Company, this pack is a great choice when you carry heavy loads of weight. Given its unique H-frame design and multi-layer foam waist belt, it is comfortable while carrying a heavy load. It also has two easy access pockets, that enable you to place the items you need at your fingertips. Apart from this, numerous other features come along with this bag. Have a look at them below.


  • Several pockets to hold and organize gear.
  • Unique H-frame design that enables even distribution of weight hence making the user comfortable while carrying heavy loads.
  • Blaze orange rain cover to keep all gear protected in case it rains.
  • Padded waist belt and shoulder straps to keep the user comfortable while carrying a heavy load.
  • Zippered wing pockets that enable proper securing all gear.
  • Drop-down pocket that enables carrying of the bow or rifle securely.
  • Padding on the front of the pack to protect gear stored inside.
  • Expandable 1200 cubic-inch section that allows for packing of meat and other gear.
  • Hydration port and pocket that makes the pack hydration compatible.

  • Plenty of storage space
  • Comfortable to carry heavy load
  • Shoulder straps adjustable for torso size
  • Well-constructed and quiet
  • It can be expanded to give more space
  • Comes at a reasonable price

  • Quite heavy when empty

Apart from its heavyweight, ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS Hunting Pack features amaze many users. Its great features render it a great choice for your hunting trip.

4.   Badlands Diablo Day Pack

Badlands Diablo Day Pack

This is a backpack that gives much comfort during your hunting trip. From its light weight to its ventilation system that allows the flow of fresh air through the pack to your back, you can be sure to remain fresh. Its fabric is another plus, as it is strong and can remain waterproof. Its fabric is also soft, and it remains that way even in cold temperatures. Its various compartments give ample space to allow storage of all gear while keeping it organized.


  • KXO 32 camo fabric that makes it waterproof, durable and quiet hence suitable while walking in the woods.
  • T-6 aluminum internal frame that provides extra support.
  • Breathable hypervent suspension that enables keeping the pack off the back while allowing air to flow through the pack to your back.
  • Two compartments and six pockets that provide room for storage.
  • Has a weight of 3 lbs which makes it super light.

  • Holds a lot of gear and it is durable
  • Comfortable, easy to adjust and mount
  • Perfect to carry heavy weight
  • Comfortable due to the breathable mesh back
  • Has good quality zips
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty
  • Pack is quiet and comfortable

  • It has no pocket to hold the bow or rifle
  • Can’t stand by itself, meaning that it needs support

Badlands Diablo Day Pack is a backpack that most users are happy to have. The fact that it is durable, comes with a lifetime warranty, and has a vent system for additional comfort, makes it a pack that is highly preferred. It is no doubt that this bag is worth every cent.

5.   Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack

Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack

This is a 25+ liter sized pack designed for military and law enforcement operators. Its shape makes it comfortable to carry, while its adjustable shoulder straps enable it to fit perfectly almost to all body sizes. It has a ventilation system that makes it comfortable for those who go for long walks or those in hot temperatures. It has three zippered pockets. These include a large and the main compartment, a rear padded pocket and a front admin pocket. Apart from this, it comes with other features so keep reading.


  • Unique egg shape making the bag quite suitable for those who do not need much space.
  • 100% Cordura 500D, DWR coated fabric that is water resistant.
  • Elastic side pockets that allow for easy expansion.
  • Ventilation system that allows for flow of fresh air to the wearer’s back.
  • Lightweight that makes the bag portable in long distances.

  • Bag is well padded giving much comfort
  • It comes in a diversity of colors giving a range to choose from
  • Great quality, good double stitching, and excellent zippers
  • Large storage capacity
  • Well-padded back that gives additional comfort
  • Waist belt is detachable
  • Breathable back that keeps one fresh
  • Presence of side pockets that give space to store water bottles
  • NIR(Near-infrared) treated which makes it not noticeable with the night vision

  • Its shape makes it roll off when placed on a flat surface
  • Waist strap is a bit difficult to remove

Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack is a great choice if you are looking for a versatile backpack for military activities or daily outdoor activities. The pack gives a great value for money, and the fact that it comes in a range of colors gives you a variety to select from so that you can get the most suitable for your purpose.

6.   Direct Action Ghost Tactical Backpack

Choice of the Editor

Direct Action Ghost Tactical Backpack

Just like the Direct Action Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack, this pack is designed for military and law enforcement operators. However, its size is much bigger and accommodates 31+ liter. This pack is versatile, which makes it good for use in various scenarios. It has two hydration bladder pockets one in the main compartment and another in the zippered back part. It also has a combat ventilation system that gives extra comfort to the user.


  • Patented Combat Vent System To prevent a buildup of heat and sweat.
  • 100% Cordura 500D, DWR coated fabric that makes the bag more durable.
  • NIR(Near-infrared) treated thereby not detectable with night vision.
  • Elastic side pockets that allow for expansion providing more storage space.
  • A weight of 5 lbs hence a lightweight pack that makes it suitable for walking over long distances.
  • Unique laser cut MOLLE/PALS system that can’t absorb water.

  • It can hold a lot of supplies
  • Durable and water resistant
  • The bag is bulletproof
  • Waist straps are well padded
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • It is much comfortable owing to its combat vent and well-padded waist belt and shoulder straps
  • Zipper covers that keep the rain out
  • Hip belt is removable

  • Side pockets are quite short to hold long water bottles
  • Zippers don’t pull so easily

Direct Action Ghost Tactical Backpack is a perfect option when looking for a bag that fits the strict military quality standards. Apart from using the pack while on military duties, it can also be used for hiking, adventures, or as a day pack.

7.   ALPS OutdoorZ Trail Blazer Hunting Pack

Best Hunting Backpack with Gun Holder

ALPS OutdoorZ Trail Blazer Hunting Pack

This is a backpack from the brand Alps OutdoorZ. It consists of several pockets which include large main pocket, a zippered front pocket, and lower side mesh pockets. It also has an expandable pocket to help the user store his/her rifle or bow thereby enabling the user to keep his hands free.


  • Brushed polyester material that is durable.
  • Weight of 2.6 lbs that is suitable for long distance travelers.
  • Expandable pocket that is ideal to carry the bow or gun.
  • Hydration pocket that allows for utilization of the water bladder of one’s choice.
  • An orange rain cover to secure the bag in wet periods.
  • PE frame sheet that provides extra support and stability.
  • Bartacked webbing to keep hunting gear in an easy to access position.

  • Comes with several pockets to store and organize various gear
  • The price is fair enough
  • Pack is of high-quality material
  • Comes along with a durable rain cover
  • High-quality zippers and comfortable
  • It is hydration compatible
  • Ability to carry a rifle or bow securely due to the expandable pocket
  • Good quality camo print

  • Lack of waterproofing feature
  • It only has one large pocket while the others are small

ALPS OutdoorZ Trail Blazer Hunting Pack is a pack worth your hard-earned money. Despite that the fact that the bag is not waterproof, the fact that it comes along with a durable rain cover makes it function like waterproof bags just that you have to fit the cover manually.

8.   Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack

Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack

This is a front-loading pack with a silky internal lining. It contains a shelf in the middle of the storage space which is sustained by Velcro tabs. However, you can put this shelf down for an easy arrangement of the gear. This bag contains several pockets. There are several pockets on the inside of the bag, at the bottom, back and sides. This bag is also accessible in a variety of colors such as Black, Military Green, dry earth, uni-cam V2, multi-cam, and Coyote Brown.


  • A nice grip at the top of the pack to enable you to hold it like a suitcase.
  • Made from denier nylon, and has a weight of 6 lbs.
  • Internal plastic frame sheet and aluminum stays that give the bag its shape and support.
  • Nicely padded back to provide extra comfort.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps to make them comfortable for all sized persons.
  • Well-padded waist belt with air channels to provide extra comfort.
  • Removable waist belt.
  • A drainage hole on the bottom front corner of the side pockets that lets water out in case it gets in.

  • Bag is available in a wide variety of colors giving buyers a wide range of choice
  • Nicely padded back that gives extra comfort
  • Adjustable shoulders straps to give more comfort
  • Provides ample storage for necessities
  • The opening of the main compartment allows for easy organization
  • It allows for efficient weight distribution
  • Aluminum stays are removable allowing the user to bend them until suitable

  • Doesn’t have a weapon carrying system
  • No straps at the bottom of the bag to allow for more carriage

Eberlestock Halftrack Hunting Pack is a pack with a host of useful and thoughtful features. It is a good option, if you are searching for a bag to carry along for long distances but still get home without hurting shoulders or back.

9.   Direct Action Dust Tactical Backpack

Direct Action Dust Tactical Backpack

This is a backpack that enables the user to keep essential items easy to access and well organized. It has a MOLLE system that provides for an extra and easy to access storage. Its front pocket also bears multiple storage areas.


  • 100% Cordura 500D, DWR coated material to enhance durability.
  • Water resistant coated Cordura 500D fabric.
  • Lightweight and versatile material suitable for long day users.
  • Patented combat vent system that provides enough air passage through the pack to the users back.
  • NIR(Near-infrared) treated that helps avoid detection in the night vision.
  • Unique laser cuts MOLLE/PALS system that gives easy access to storage while securely attaching the pouch to the belt.
  • Elastic side pockets that allow for expansion.

  • It has two lengths of carrying, one for shoulder carrying style and the other for suitcase carrying style
  • A solid paracord handle on the top that is comfortable to use even on a full bag
  • Pack is waterproof and lightweight
  • Adjustable straps that make it usable by persons of almost all sizes
  • Sturdy material
  • Big sides pockets suitable for nearly all bottle sizes
  • Zippers are quiet
  • Plenty of pockets to provide ample storage space
  • Excellent Velcro and removable straps
  • It has a good size laptop section that is more padded

  • Zippers are not waterproof
  • Pack is not big enough for users who need much storage

Owing to its features, Direct Action Dust Tactical Backpack is a big bang for the buck. Whether you need it for outdoor adventures or urban EDC, it a great choice having in mind that is light in weight and waterproof.

10.   Eberlestock X2 Hunting BagPack

Best Hunting Backpack with Hydration

Eberlestock X2 Hunting BagPack

This is a top little loading pack with big pack features. This pack is a perfect choice for a day pack bow hunter. This pack has numerous features that make it a great choice and a selection that can lead to a great hunting experience. Moreover, if you need a pack with good hydration, this is the right one for you. Read on and discover its features and what to expect from buying it.


  • Two easy access pockets on the top of the bag, suitable for storage of items that the hunter needs quickly and quietly.
  • Two roomy pockets on the hip belt, suitable for storing stuff that requires fast access such as the GPS.
  • Weight 4.5 lbs., which is light enough for users who carry heavy stuff or spend much time with it.
  • Two hydration pockets with hooks to keep the hydration bladder in place.
  • Ample flex chassis that can flip forward.
  • Padlock webbing tie-points for fastening on gear.
  • NT-1 waterproof microfleece fabric that is quiet and tough on nails.
  • Designed to either accept A1SS or A2SS side scabbards, to enable it to carry shotguns or the full-scale hunting rifle.

  • The backpack is also budget friendly
  • It has ample storage space, and despite it being a daypack, it can accommodate stuff for two nights
  • High-quality zippers, Straps, and Clips
  • Its frame helps in efficient distribution of the pack’s weight
  • Comes in a variety of colors giving a range of choices
  • Well-padded lumbar
  • Backpack is well built with the primary stitches triple stitched
  • Its material is sturdy
  • Shoulder straps are wide and comfortable
  • Straps adjust easily, and the waist belt bears the weight of the pack
  • Water bottle pockets exhibit the same material as that of the pack
  • Once fastened, the load does not shift, and the bag doesn’t bounce around

  • The size is not that large

If you are looking for a perfect day pack, you should consider Eberlestock X2 Hunting Backpack. It is a great choice especially if you want to film, as it gives you a storage at the hip belt where you can keep your camera and locate it easily.
Best Hunting Backpacks Reviews - Backpacks for Hunting - proHuntingHacks

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Is the backpack waterproof?
A. Most buyers want to know whether their luggage is safe in case it happens to rain while on a hunt. While most backpacks are waterproof, most which are not, come with a rain cover that the user can use to cover the bag to prevent water from penetrating.

Q. Is the backpack silent?
A. Backpack users want to purchase quiet packs, which is the reason this is a frequently asked question. Silent bags are suitable to avoid scaring away game.

Q. Who is the backpack’s manufacturer?
A. Owing to the fact that there are several backpack manufacturers, most buyers want to ensure that their backpacks are from reputable sellers.

Q. How many cubic inches is the backpack?
A. The size of the bag is another issue that bothers many buyers. Knowing beforehand the cubic sizes of the backpack enables the user to determine if it is a perfect choice to accommodate all gear.

Q. What is the weight of the bag?
A. Most users prefer getting packs that are light to enable them to carry them for long hours without getting exhausted. However, weight is not a factor that should discourage a purchase, as there are the other main factors to put into consideration.

Wrapping It Up

Hunting backpacks are a great asset to most hunters. It not only provides storage for the gear required, but it is the only company that one got on a hunting trip where vehicles are not allowed. It is therefore crucial that one takes into consideration all factors that come to play when getting a hunting backpack. I believe that with this review, you will have an easier time deciding on the best backpack. Let not price hinder you from getting the best, but consider your preferable features first, and let price come to play later.

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