KA-BAR Fighting / Utility Serrated Edge Knife Review

KA-BAR Hunting Knife

Any pro hunter will tell you that having a robust and versatile utility knife is simply a no brainer. Besides, you need a tool to trim the stubborn bushes standing in your way, open your beer cans, dig small fire pits, cut wood and ultimately skin your game once you’ve clinched your prize, right? Sure, some may argue that the term “hunting knife” is broad and covers a wide array of knives.

However, a quality utility knife is your safest bet while out in the rough – not to mention a good means of survival. While you can buy a specialized “hunting knife”, the KA-BAR Fighting/Utility Serrated Edge Knife is a great all around utility knife. To put this into perspective, here is an in-depth look at the KA-BAR.

KA-BAR Utility Knife

KA1214-BRK USA Fighting Knife


Things we like

  • Partially serrated blade for aggressive cutting.
  • Leather-free, synthetic handle to avoid the risk of rot.
  • Firm, hand-made Kraton G handle to provide a comfortable fit.
  • Easy to sharpen 1095 Cro-Van steel handle.
  • Ideal for most outdoor applications.


Things that could be better

  • A little heavy compared to recent utility knives.
  • Lacks lanyard holes for simplistic attachment to poles.
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KA-BAR Fighting / Utility Serrated Edge Knife Review:

Before diving right in, it’s worth noting that KA-BAR knives are highly regarded as legendary tools by pro outdoor enthusiasts and it’s not that hard to see why. The mere fact that these knives were used by the U.S. Marine Corps in World War II makes the brand a crucial part of history and decades later, the KA-BAR still stands out any day. Enough with the history lessons, though. Here are some of the features to expect. Enjoy!

Serrated Blade

The KA-BAR paints the perfect picture of a great all-rounded knife – a survival, utility, and hunting knife packaged into one compact product – and this can be attributed to its partially serrated blade. The blade is crafted from sturdy 1095 Cro-Van (chrome and vanadium) Steel material, which basically means it can do virtually anything you want it to. It comes in handy for most outdoor activities, particularly those that involve a lot of aggressive cutting. In short, it makes your life way easier when cutting through rope or wood; which requires less effort with serrated knives.

Hand-made Kraton G Handle

As a knife aficionado, you are probably aware of the fact that a great blade goes hand-in-hand with a balanced handle to make up for a firm grip. The KA-BAR perfectly fits the bill thanks to the hand-made Kraton G handle it boasts, designed to fit in your hand comfortably. Being a survival knife bound to come across messy situations, the manufacturer saw it fit not to include leather, so there’s no risk of the knife slipping away if you tend to sweat a lot or rotting after some time. In a nutshell, it offers full control, which is what you want in case of sticky situations.

Durable Sheath

As a rule of thumb, a survival knife needs to be not only secure, but more importantly accessible when it isn’t in your hand. Of course, it is only right for a legendary brand such as KA-BAR to adhere to the basic rule, right? It comes with a solid sheath that allows the knife to safely lock into the sheath and stay put, ready for action. The best part is, it will easily pop out when you reach for it and has attachment holes on the sheath – a great feature for backpackers and campers.

Attachment Grooves

Of course, you want a knife that can serve as a multi-purpose tool when you need it to. While the KA-BAR lacks lanyard holes – popular in most recent utility knives – you get five deep grooves on the handle and a hilt that extends to 0.5 inches on the top and bottom. This simply means you can lash or wire the KA-BAR to a pole if need arises and turn it into a fierce spear.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Does the KA-BAR knife require sharpening on purchase?
A. No. The KA-BAR utility knife comes ready to use with a razor-sharp blade. However, you’ll need to regularly sharpen it after a while especially after aggressive use.

Q. Can the KA-BAR knife be attached to a pole to make a spear?
A. Yes. It has 5 deep grooves and an adjustable hilt that can be used to wire it to a pole if need be.

Q. How is the KA-BAR Knife cleaned?
A. The best way to keep the KA-BAR clean and effective is by simply wiping it down with a soft, dry cloth. It is also advisable to treat the blade with a slight coating of mineral oil before storage.

Final Verdict

Overall, the KA-BAR knife fits the bill for a perfect, all-rounded hunting/survival/utility knife and going by the above, it’s not that hard to see why. It serves as the perfect self-defense tool, besides being a knife that can be used for a wide array of outdoor applications such as dressing an elk, cutting wood and digging for bait just to name a few. Better yet, you get to own a historic piece at the end of the day – what more could you really ask for?

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