Best Rangefinder Binoculars for Hunting

Best Rangefinder Binoculars

Rangefinder binoculars are a fantastic addition to any hunter’s arsenal. 

I use rangefinder binoculars for most of my hunts because they are so convenient. I don’t have to worry about carrying around two pieces of equipment (binos and a laser rangefinder), which allows me to just focus on the hunt.

Knowing the exact distance to your target will make you a better hunter. After using rangefinder binoculars a few days in the field, you will wonder how you ever got along without them.

This article provides you a list of the five best rangefinder binoculars for hunting, including our top pick: the Nikon LASERFORCE. 

5 Best Rangefinder Binoculars for Hunting

You cannot go wrong with any of our top five options for the best rangefinder binoculars. 

* Max Range is based on reflective targets.

All rangefinder binoculars have lower effective ranges for non-reflective surfaces such as trees or deer. As an example, here are the various ranges for the Nikon LASERFORCE:

Reflective1900 Yards
Tree1400 Yards
Deer1200 Yards
Nikon LASERFORCE Effective Ranges

We examine the top features, pros, and cons while delivering a summary review of each of the products. We also explain the important things to consider before buying laser rangefinder binoculars to ensure you find the best binoculars for your hunting needs.

1. Vortex Optics Fury HD 500 Laser Rangefinder Binocular

Rugged and Durable Rangefinder Binocular

Vortex Optics Fury HD 5000 10x42 Laser Rangefinding Binoculars

The Vortex Optics Rangefinder Binocular starts off the list because it is the best rugged option; durable yet easy to carry. It includes a durable exterior with nitrogen purging, which helps with waterproofing and fog proofing. Vortex also attaches a rubber armoring on the side, which helps hunters maintain their grip during long treks in the cold.


  • Provides Horizontal Component Distance (HCD) Mode, which helps archery and rifle shooting situations. HCD Mode is useful for shooting at ranges up to 400 yards with 15-30-degree slopes or up to 800 yards with slopes less than 15 degrees.
  • Scan feature enables you to range smaller objects in front of uniform backgrounds or moving targets. Once you press the measure button and scan side to side, you can analyze yardage number changes across targets.
  • The product is ideal for fog and waterproofing because of the nitrogen purging. It also includes rubber armoring for a reliable grip. The durable exterior is also shockproof and will endure through severe weather conditions.
  • Line of Sight (LOS) Mode is ideal for rifle shooters using ballistic applications for shots above 500 yards and slopes above 15 degrees. The displayed LOS mode range number signifies the line of sight range, minus any ballistic corrections for slope.


Things we like

  • Provides quality ranging for both long and short distance, suitable for rifle and archery
  • Excellent optics for the price makes it a great value purchase
  • Calculates steep angle shots accurately
  • Lifetime warranty for both the binoculars and rangefinder
  • Includes a versatile case that straps around your chest


Things that could be better

  • The two buttons are too close to each other, which could cause difficulty while wearing gloves
  • Instructions for applying the straps are difficult to understand
  • Heavier weight compared to other products on the market
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No matter the weather conditions, the Vortex Optics binoculars keep your sights clear thanks to nitrogen purging. With visibility concerns out of the way, you can grab this rough-and-tumble option and know you’ll always be on target thanks to its excellent optics and multiple modes.

2. Nikon LASERFORCE Rangefinder Binocular

Amazing value and performance


The Nikon LASERFORCE was our best overall because of its advanced glass, prism, and multilayer-coated lens for the most precise images. The extra-low dispersion glass blocks any color fringing and showcases a high, resolution image for the user. And because of its ID technology, hunters can accurately shoot ranging distances on any slope.


  • ID Technology (Incline/Decline) delivers an accurate horizontal distance to the object or target, even when shooting from decline or incline shooting angles.
  • Includes a full multilayer-coated lens, ED (extra-low dispersion) glass, and prisms, which provide a brighter and clear image for the user. This glass prevents color fringing and gives yield to contrast-rich, high-resolution images.
  • The Nikon rangefinder binoculars have a functional, ergonomic design. It allows the user to grab the device with gloved hands and locate the mode and power buttons with ease. The rubber, sturdy armoring reinforces the grip and shields the binoculars in extreme weather conditions.
  • The measuring distance of the Nikon ranges between 10 to 1900 yards. It can shoot a reflective target at 1900 yards, a tree at 1400 yards, and a deer at 1100 yards.


Things we like

  • Excellent glass quality offers a clear picture for accurate shooting
  • Easy to operate
  • ID technology makes shooting from angles very simple and straightforward
  • Reduces cramping because of the ergonomic design


Things that could be better

  • Lens cover and case have room for improvement
  • The field of view is not as strong as other rangefinder options
  • Heavier weight makes it difficult to hold still after a while
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This rangefinder binocular is the best overall option on the list because of its precise imaging, ergonomic design, and reliable measuring distances. Its max yardage of 1900 yards will deliver a clean, crisp image for hunting no matter what the angle is.

3. Bushnell Fusion 1-Mile

1 Mile Arc Laser Rangefinder Binocular

Bushnell Fusion 1-Mile 10x 42mm ARC Binocular Laser Rangefinder with Matrix Display

The Bushnell Fusion 1-Mile rangefinder binoculars are a great value for their many ballistic and modes. It has advanced modes (bullseye, brush, and normal) for hunters to implement in any situation. The ballistic options and modes help enhance the accuracy for all ranges, weather conditions, and targets. 

For a reasonable price, Bushnell delivers a competitive rangefinder binocular with plenty of power.


  • The rangefinder binoculars offer eight preset ballistic options and enable the user to decide which one fits the cartridge. For hunting scenarios under 500 yards, you can pair a profile with your ballistics for accurate ranging.
  • The hunter can utilize a variety of advanced modes for different situations: normal, Bullseye, and Brush. Each provides a unique benefit for distance reading, small target measurements, and ranging through different obstructions.
  • Bow Mode and Rifle mode each provide angle, line-of-sight, and bullet drop capabilities. Rifle mode will cover between 10-99 yards. Rifle mode will deliver these benefits up to 199 inches.
  • The exterior coating of the binoculars keeps them ready for all weather conditions. It includes a RainGuard lens coating that is water repellant and fog proof. The BaK-4 prisms come with a PC-3 phase coating for enhanced clarity and resolution too.


Things we like

  • Variety of ranging modes helps you range the target much more accurately
  • More lightweight than other product options on the list
  • Ranges targets up to one mile in standard conditions
  • Delivers a few general ballistics capabilities but limits you to 750-800 yards


Things that could be better

  • The display is too bright and disorganized
  • The focus knob is difficult to operate because it is too tight
  • For ranges above 1200 yards, it takes a while to show the readings
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The Bushnell rangefinder binoculars are the best value option because of its choice of ranging modes and ballistic options. Although the ballistic capabilities limit you up to 800 yards, it is valuable to have a product that pairs well for all hunting scenarios and promotes increased accuracy. For all the benefits you receive with the Bushnell, you receive an excellent deal.

4. Steiner LRF Laser Rangefinding Binoculars

A high quality knife at an incredible price.

Steiner LRF 1700 Laser Rangefinding Binoculars, Game-Finding Precision Optics for Hunting

The Steiner LRF Laser Rangefinding Binoculars make the list because they are best for extra features. Because of the Sports-Auto Focus System, you can fit each eyepiece within your view simultaneously. The N2 Injection system also delivers a fog-proof, crystal clear image because it pressurizes nitrogen in the optic lens.


  • The ergonomic design helps move the center of gravity into the hands for long-lasting, comfortable view, and observation. For urgent situations, its round shape will not hang up on doors and other hatches.
  • Sports-Auto Focus System helps you align each eyepiece into your vision one time. It then provides a clear, consistent image from 20 yards and up. Users will not need to chase focus on moving targets.
  • Steiner Rangefinding Binoculars come with an N2 Injection System, which aids in a clear, fog-proof image for any weather condition. Because it pressurizes nitrogen into the optic lens, users can range much more efficiently in desert heat or arctic cold.
  • Steiner’s floating prism system reinforces the image clarity. It utilizes a silicone, flexible lens to absorb shock and severe impacts.


Things we like

  • Contrast and depth of view is quality
  • An ideal option for foggy conditions
  • Glass and clarity are excellent


Things that could be better

  • You must keep the lens spread at the same position to keep the ranging reticle perpendicular
  • The eye cover on the front does not seal well
  • Rangefinder function is not as strong as other options on the market
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Steiner earns “best for extra features” because of accuracy and vision enhancements. The Sports-Auto Focus and N2 Injection Systems will help improve your accuracy and help you fit each eyepiece into your vision. Combined with the floating prism system for image clarity, the lightweight exterior will deliver a successful and smooth outdoor experience.

5. Sightmark Solitude 10x42LRF Binoculars

Budget Choice Rangefinder Binocular

Sightmark Solitude 10x42LRF Binoculars

The Sightmark Solitude Rangefinding Binoculars is the best budget option. Apart from its cost-friendly price, Sightmark Rangefinding binoculars are also ergonomic. There are twist-up eyecups that promote a custom fit for each eye. The eyecups should be in the “up” position for non-glasses wearers, and they can set to the “down” position for glasses wearers. 


  • Twist-up eyecups enable a custom fit for optimal eye socket relief, even for users who wear glasses. If the user does not wear glasses, the eyecups can remain in the up position. For those who wear glasses, you can put the eyecups in the downward position.
  • The binoculars come with an integrated laser, which helps hunters accurately target long-distance objects. Users can take advantage of precision accuracy no more than 1200 yards.
  • The exterior structure is O-ring and nitrogen filled. This combination makes the rangefinder binoculars both fog-proof and waterproof. It is also useful for the long haul because of its dust-resistant construction.
  • Sightmark’s LCD display offers a clear picture and does not wash out in the sunlight. It includes Bak-4 roof prisms, which provide clarity for long-distance ranging. Users also enjoy multi-colored, quality optics in all weather conditions.


Things we like

  • High accuracy in the rangefinder and higher clarity in the binoculars
  • Twist-up eyecups make this a versatile product for glasses and no-glasses wearers
  • Improved accuracy with the integrated laser
  • Ease of use with the ergonomic buttons


Things that could be better

  • The battery does not come with the product
  • The LCD display is in black, and some customers complain that it is tough to read
  • There is a slight fisheye effect
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Many hunters invest in the Sightmark rangefinder binoculars because it is best for the budget and offers friendly ergonomics and laser accuracy. The eyecups and finger slots make it a convenient device to take on the go for the most extreme hunting sessions. It also comes with an integrated laser, which helps elevate precision accuracy for long shots up to 1200 yards.

What You Need to Know: Rangefinding Binoculars Buying Guide

Rangefinder Binoculars require a significant investment, so it is essential to understand what makes a quality product.

We outlined the top products on the market, but we provide some crucial information to review below before making your purchase decision.

How to Choose the Best Rangefinding Binoculars

There are five key factors to consider when evaluating the best rangefinder binoculars for hunting: range, stealth, durability, glass prism, and the field or angle of view. Each component plays a pivotal role in giving you a clear image, a long-lasting product, and a successful hunting session.


It is crucial to verify that your rangefinder binoculars have an effective range. Most rangefinders will provide multiple benefits because you can calculate the distance between you and your target and increase your visual ranging distance. Many traditional rangefinders do not deliver the best of both worlds and require you to bring a separate set of binoculars.

For reflective targets, most rangefinder binoculars come in capacities of 1700-1900 meters. When you get the distance for non-reflective targets, the typical range is 1000-1200 meters. The different rangefinder binoculars in this list also provide high magnification powers of 10x, 12x, and more. Traditional rangefinders only deliver 6x or 7x magnification.

Rangefinder binoculars are much more effective on more challenging, more reflective objects and targets than blurry, soft targets. Depending on the range of your binoculars, this component will vary. As you look at the range for each product, keep in mind that severe conditions and less reflective objects will reduce the max distance.


Durability is an essential component for any product you buy, but it serves an extra special purpose with outdoor devices that face severe weather conditions. The top rangefinder binocular products on the market will be fog proof and waterproof. If it does not have these qualities, it will fog up and distort your view in humid weather situations.

The exterior construction also needs to include durable materials like steel, magnesium, or aluminum. These elements provide different benefits of strength and weight. It would be best for you to avoid products that come with a plastic outer case. After you drop it a couple of times, it will bend or crack, which lets water in for further damage.

Glass & Prism

The glass or prism quality in the rangefinder binoculars also have a massive impact on accurately measuring the range. If you have a product with a generic prism or class, it can damage the binocular image quality. With a small bend, the glass or prism will produce a distorted result with inaccurate colors or weird objects or targets.

As you examine the different production options, prioritize rangefinder binoculars that contain extra-low or low dispersed glasses. These specialized glasses provide crystal clear images because it passes through the light without bending it.

Angle of View and Field of View

The angle of view and field of view are interchangeable aspects for rangefinder binoculars. It measures the size of the landscape while you see through the binoculars. The angle of view will measure in degrees and notate in AAOV, or apparent angle of view. You can figure out this value with a quick calculation: multiply the angle of view by the binocular magnification.

Field of view, or field of vision (FoV), holds a special relationship with magnification. If you search for a rangefinder binocular product with a wide field of view, then you will compromise on magnification and get a lower value.

For example, a 7x rangefinder binocular will span 350 yards for the field of vision, while a product with 14x magnification will only offer you an FoV of 200 yards or less.

So, if you often shoot long distances, you should focus on products with a higher FoV instead of going after the larger magnification. Higher magnification can also make it challenging to see the target or object through the lens. And if you do not have stable hands, it will be even more challenging to accurately focus on your target.


It is easy to focus on the rangefinder portion of rangefinder binoculars, but it is essential to invest in a quality pair of binoculars. If it is difficult for you to scan the area accurately, you will need to carry another pair of binoculars, which can be a hassle.

As you browse through the different product options, focus your search on rangefinding binoculars in the 8x to 12x magnification range. If you choose more than this range, it won’t be easy to hold the product. If you decide to go less, it will be challenging for you to see targets from a longer range.

Check out our guide on finding the best hunting binoculars for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions? We listed some of the more frequently asked questions from hunters, users, and seekers of rangefinder binoculars.

How far can rangefinders see clearly?

The maximum range will depend on your product’s construction and optics, but at a minimum, you will see non-reflective animals or objects up to 1000 yards. For reflective targets, rangefinders should cover 500 yards in the distance.

It is important to note that magnification will alter the maximum range too. The higher the magnification, the lower the maximum range your product can allow you to see clearly.

How do rangefinder binoculars work?

Rangefinder binoculars combine lenses, prisms, and optics to deliver the benefits of both a rangefinder and set of binoculars. There are also ballistic measurements on the screen, in addition to the view. All rangefinder binocular devices have lasers and unique sensor settings that enhance performance.

Can rangefinders also serve as binoculars?

Although you can utilize rangefinders as binoculars, you will not get the distance and magnification in a rangefinder that you would in binoculars. When it comes to shorter ranges, however, the two are comparable and could get used interchangeably.

Wrap Up and Conclusion

It was tough to decide a clear winner out of this list of quality rangefinder binocular options, but we had to go with the Nikon LASERFORCE.

The Nikon LASERFORCE Rangefinder Binoculars are perfect for anyone who needs professional-grade equipment at affordable prices.

The multilayer-coated lens, glass, and prisms deliver a more transparent and brighter image for optics. Its unique reflective mirror coating will deliver a clearer image than the other devices. It also prevents any color distortion for an accurate view.

Not only is the Nikon rangefinder binocular ergonomic and robust, but it also allows for a ranging distance on the higher side of 1900 yards for reflective targets. 

This rangefinder checks all the boxes to make your hunting experience enjoyable and efficient.

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