Best Hunting Gloves in 2024

No matter what the weather is like, a sturdy pair of hunting gloves is a must for any outdoors-person. The best hunting gloves help with everything from preventing frostbite to protecting your hands from injuries. 

Not only will a quality pair of gloves help your grip, whether you’re using a bow or rifle, but hunting gloves may even help keep your joints from cramping up in the cold.

A regular pair of gloves, even suitable winter gloves, just won’t cut it when you need full mobility and protection.

Getting a good pair of hunting gloves that fit well and have a good grip can vastly improve your experience hunting. Determining which works best for you is imperative for the best hunting trip possible.

Six Best Hunting Gloves

I’ve narrowed down the search on some of the best hunting gloves into different categories. The most versatile glove is the Under Armour Mid-Season Hunting Glove. You can use it in a lot of situations, but you may need something entirely different for your specific needs.

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First, let’s take a look at the Best Early Season Gloves. In the early season, you want a glove that will take the chill out of those early mornings but still allow you complete freedom and usage of your fingers.

SITKA hits this mark perfectly with these Merino Wool and nylon gloves. These gloves have are designed to be flexible and warm, and are meant to provide the comfort you need without additional layers.

SITKA designed these gloves for all types of hunting. From ground level stalking to all day in-tree waiting, these gloves provide comfort and multiple camouflage options to fit your hunt.


  • SITKA designed these gloves to bring warmth and comfort in cold weather over a long hunt. Simultaneously, they prevent sweat that makes your hands feel clammy.
  • They use nylon and wool to ensure the gloves are movable while still being warm. A stiff pair of gloves can be as annoying as cold hands when you’re hunting.
  • SITKA crafted them to be invisible to deer over 15 feet elevation. This is important when there isn’t much cover and is perfect for stand hunting.


Things we like

  • Merino Wool interior is warm but thin.
  • Great for early season scouting.
  • Can still use your smartphone.
  • Use as a stand alone early season glove or glove liner in the late season.


Things that could be better

  • Durability is an issue with a glove this thin.
  • Best for use strictly in the early season.

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If you’re looking for gloves that are flexible but will still keep you warm against wind chill or rain, then these are a sturdy choice. They will take the chill out of your hands while preventing sweat and odors.

They’re the best early-season gloves, but don’t expect to use these gloves by themselves in the colder months. For most early hunting expeditions, I can safely recommend this particular set of SITKA hunting gloves.

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Under Armour is known for its good quality, and it’s easy to see why. These particular gloves are the Best Mid Season Gloves I have found. 

These Under Armour hunting gloves come in a variety of camo, are lightweight to give you added agility, and repel both water and wind. They’re also tech-compatible, so you can use your gadgets as you camp and wait for your prey.


  • This pair of hunting gloves uses Under Armour “Storm” technology meant to repel water yet still provide hunters with breathability to prevent sweat build-up.
  • They’re fleece-lined, so they provide warmth when the weather is still cold.
  • “Speedwipe” fleece on the thumb and forefinger, providing extra flexibility.
  • Under Armour designed these with tech touch prints on the fingertips. This feature allows you to work on touch screen devices with your gloves still on.


Things we like

  • Machine washable
  • Flexible but warm
  • Wind and waterproof
  • Tech Touch print
  • Lightweight 


Things that could be better

  • On the bulkier side
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For midseason hunting, these gloves are the best. They are lined with fleece, keeping you warm, but are still flexible enough to be practical.

It’s hard to be separated from tech these days. With these gloves, you can still use your screen devices. You’ll also be protected from rain and wind. If you need quality gloves when it’s cold but not deep-winter cold, I recommend this pair of Under Armour hunting gloves.

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Hunting in winter can be a challenge for so many reasons. Not only is there simply less to camouflage ourselves with, but the cold can wreak havoc on our weapons and hands. These Hot Shot Men’s pop-top mittens are the Best Cold Weather Gloves, hands down. 

Don’t write these off because they’re mittens. The pop-top gives you full control of your fingers, and you can even expose your thumb for full mobility. If you need gloves in the cold, these are your best bet.


  • These mittens have a reinforced grip on the palm. In cold weather, bulky gloves can be too difficult to use. This grip makes things just that much easier.
  • A silent magnet closure to hold the top in place. There’ll be no alerting your prey when you open the top.
  • There is a small zipper pocket on the back of each glove. You can add a hand warmer or whatever you need to stay on your game.


Things we like

  • Good insulation to keep hands warm.
  • Pop-top, allowing full use of fingers.
  • Silent magnetic closures.
  • Zipper pocket for extra storage or heat.


Things that could be better

  • Not waterproof due to opening top.
  • Thumb may not close fully.
  • Not the best for snow.
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While this pair of gloves is the best for cold weather, if you’re going to be hunting in a snowy environment, you won’t be happy.The pop-top is great for mobility, but it also can trap snow.

However, if you’re hunting in a dry environment, these are a practical option. I can safely recommend them, especially if you add a heat pack to the zipper pocket.

4. SITKA Gear Blizzard GTX Mitten

Best Extreme Cold Weather Gloves

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Not all winters are created equally. Hunting during the coldest months in Alabama is going to look very different than the coldest months in Wisconsin. These gloves are designed for the coldest of the cold, which is why I’ve designated them the Best Extreme Cold Weather Gloves.

They have a removable and insulated liner that adds extra warmth when temperatures drop. Because it’s removable, it can be easily cleaned and odors removed.


  • This pair of hunting gloves are really designed for when the weather is at its worst. They protect against snow and rain, ensuring your fingers stay safe.
  • The joints are articulated, adding dexterity to your grip. Plus, the camouflaged shell and insulated liner can be worn separately.
  • Even though gloves are insulated, the material is still breathable. No one wants to have sweaty hands when the prey is finally in sight.


Things we like

  • Excellent insulation for coldest of cold temperatures.
  • Articulated joints for added freedom of movement.
  • Detachable lining to increase versatility.
  • Perfect for glassing in the coldest weather.


Things that could be better

  • No pop-top, so no articulated fingers.
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For hunting gloves that will handle whatever the winter weather throws your way, I find these to be the most effective. That’s why I’ve decided they’re the best extreme cold weather gloves. I appreciate that the lining is detachable, which can make handling your weapon easier in a pinch.

However, I do miss having articulated fingers for further accuracy. That being said, when temperatures plummet, mittens are the best for keeping in heat.

5. SITKA Gear Pantanal GTX Glove

Best Waterproof Gloves

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A glove may claim to be waterproof, but when it comes time to test them, they fall short. Of all the hunting gloves on this list, these are the Best Waterproof Gloves. 

This pair is laminated, so when I know I need to stay dry, they’re my go-to. Just as important, I know cleaning them will be easy, no matter how much of a mess I make, because I can just throw them into the wash. 


  • These are completely laminated, so they’re waterproof. Even so, they’re still breathable as with all SITKA gloves.
  • This pair of hunting gloves are machine washable. That makes cleaning up even easier after a long hunt.
  • There is an absorbent pad on the back of the hand. This pad is useful, especially in rainy weather, to keep the eyes and nose dry.


Things we like

  • Perfect for rainy days or hunting around water.
  • Laminated for best waterproofing but breathable.
  • Articulated fingers for full use.
  • Machine washable after those messy hunts.
  • Absorbent pad to wipe your nose.


Things that could be better

  • Dexterity is more limited due to the lamination.
  • Not as insulated as other gloves, so not good for cold weather.
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While these gloves are the best waterproof gloves, they aren’t made for cold weather. If you want an overall best glove, I suggest looking at another pair. 

However, if you need something to handle a rainy area, or you know you’re going to have your hands deep in a river, these are the pair for you. They’ll keep you dry without making your hands overly sweaty, and they even have an absorbent pad to boot.

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Hunting with a rifle and hunting with a bow are two different animals entirely, and I don’t need to tell you that. If you’re going bow hunting, then these ScentLok make are the Best Bow Hunting Gloves you can find. 

These aren’t designed to keep you warm, but they are crafted to give you the full movement your hands need when wielding a bow. They’re midweight and have touch tech fingertips, allowing you full access to your bow and devices at the same time.


  • This pair offers convenience combined with comfort when handling your bow. They give enough mobility to ensure you can make a clean shot each time.
  • They’re made from carbon alloy, which means they’ll absorb the odors you want. Simply toss them into the dryer to reset them.
  • These bowhunting gloves are designed to wick moisture away from the skin. Dry hands ensure strong grips.


Things we like

  • Moisture-wicking fabric to keep your hand from getting clammy.
  • Full mobility of the fingers to shoot your bow.
  • Carbon alloy material for scent control.
  • Touch-tech accessible so you can use your phone.


Things that could be better

  • Thin glove with full finger usage is not meant for cold weather.
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When I go bow hunting, these gloves are the ones I reach for. They’re flexible enough to make using the bow simple, and they don’t hold moisture in, meaning my grip is stronger.

However, if you’re hunting anywhere remotely cold, these won’t protect you from the elements. If the weather is good, then there isn’t a better pair to give you the grip and aim you need on a bow hunt.

What to Consider Before You Buy

Before you go and buy a new pair, it’s smart to figure out which will be the best hunting gloves for your specific needs. To do that, you need to know what’s available!

Know the Types of Hunting Gloves Available

There are three main varieties of hunting gloves. Let’s take a closer look at each kind, so you can determine which is best for you.

Fully Articulated Gloves

Fully articulated gloves mean that you still have full usage of each finger. This is found in standard gloves but not mittens. 

Fully articulated gloves are perfect for when your hands need added dexterity, such as when you’re shooting a bow and arrow. To do so with good form, you’ll need to be able to grip your bow at the right angle, which can be a challenge with mittens.

However, articulated gloves typically aren’t as warm as mittens. If you know that you’re going to be in a colder climate with harsh weather and potential snow, articulated gloves will fall short in their effectiveness. 

Frostbite sets in at 31 degrees F, which most hunters know isn’t that cold. Articulated gloves are not the best hunting gloves if you want to be safe in snowy and cold conditions.


Mittens are what you need when it gets to be dangerously cold. Mitten hunting gloves often have a removable lining, which can improve their dexterity in a pinch.

When it gets brutally cold, any bit of heat helps. Because mittens keep your fingers together, you’re not losing out on precious warmth.

To get the best of both worlds, you can get mittens with pop-tops, meaning they also have articulated fingers. You lose out on some heat, but this gives you added dexterity necessary for hunting.

Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves will keep your hands less warm than others, but they’re typically completely silent. Plus, because the ends of your fingers are exposed, I find you have greater mobility and are more in tune with the hunt.

Frequently, fingerless hunting gloves will be a combination of knit material with something like suede. This gives a greater ability to feel what you’re doing with a better grip. However, because these aren’t treater materials, they may absorb water easily and won’t protect against cold as well.

Best Hunting Glove Materials

The best hunting gloves come in a variety of materials, from nylon to neoprene to wool or fleece. Deciding which pair you want may come down to what they’re made out of and how that impacts your particular form of hunting.

For example, if you’re going duck hunting, you’ll want something that protects against wetness. If you’re hunting in the dead of winter, you’re going to want to prioritize materials that will keep your fingers warm. 


Nylon is a common material, not just in hunting gloves, but in many kinds of clothing. Nylon is great at wicking away sweat from the skin and keeping you dry. Often, nylon is treated to be waterproof, which will help keep your hands warm in cold conditions.

Plus, nylon is flexible, giving your hands a greater range of movement. While having agility is important in all methods of hunting, things like bow hunting require extra dexterity. Nylon may be what you’re looking for in such instances.

Leather and Suede

Very rarely will an entire hunting glove be made from leather or suede. Instead, you may see a swath of leather or suede on the fingers, palm, or even back of the glove.

This can give you added texture, helping with grip and control over your weapon. Frequently, shooting gloves will be a mixture of leather and something else, like neoprene or nylon. 

While they look timeless, they aren’t often a good choice for hunting in the wild. They get wet easily, may slip, and won’t keep you warm like other versions. 


Hunters have relied on Gore-Tex to keep them dry for many years. You will find Gore-Tex in the best hunting boots, pants and coats. Another great use of Gore-Tex lining is in hunting gloves.

Do you hunt in an area that gets its fair share of rain? Do you hunt near water for ducks? If so, then Gore-Tex may be just what you need in the best hunting gloves for you..

Gore-Tex is a material that was invented over 40 years ago, and it’s a form of Teflon. However, the best part of it is that while it keeps your gloves dry, it also lets vapor and moisture escape. That means you won’t build up any sweat, which can affect your grip and comfort levels. 

Whether it’s wind, snow, or rain, Gore-Tex hunting gloves will protect you. If you want a good all-around glove that can handle multiple situations, I suggest looking for something made with Gore-Tex.

Fleece and Wool

When you need to keep your hands warm when hunting, it’s a good idea to turn to a fleece or wool lining. These two materials are popular insulators in hunting gloves and might be something to look for if you’re going to be hunting in extreme cold.

However, fleece and wool are not the same. Wool comes from sheep, is often waterproof, and is incredibly warm. Fleece is a manmade material designed to replicate wool at a fraction of the weight. 

So, if you want something lightweight to give you better mobility but still need added warmth, fleece is a smart option as a lining.

Wrapping It Up

The best hunting gloves for most conditions, in my experience, are the Under Armour mid season gloves. They’re sturdy, fully articulated for good grip, water-resistant but breathable, and have touch-tech pads. 

The insulation is good outside of the most freezing of temperatures, and they do a great job keeping my hands dry in the rain.

While the ScentLok gloves are great for when I want my bow in my hands, they don’t do enough when I use my shotgun. All in all, the Under Armour gloves are what I choose for my go-to hunting needs. 

When I’m hunting in freezing conditions, I’m sure to grab mittens, like the SITKA Gear Blizzard GTX Mittens. With those in tow, I know that no matter what conditions I stumble into, I’ll leave with all my fingers intact.

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