Top 5 Best Coyote Calls Reviews

Best Coyote Calls

What are the best coyote calls you should consider?

There are a variety of electronic coyote calls on the market today. We like to have choices, but it can be time-consuming and frustrating when searching for the right call to fit your needs.

Avoid gimmicks and bad quality products. We have narrowed the list to a few coyote calls you can trust. The three best predator calls for coyotes are:

  1. Primos Turbo Dogg – Best Budget Coyote Call
  2. Icotec Outlaw – Best Coyote Call and Decoy Combo
  3. FOXPRO Shockwave – Best Overall Coyote Call

See the table and details below for more details on all of our choices.

Top 5 Best Coyote Calls

These popular coyote calls are all great options. Each call has unique benefits that make it stand out. Any of these products will provide the features that make them a good fit for your coyote and predator calling adventures.

Best Coyote Call Reviews

We have studied the options and found the top coyote call you should consider. You will find premium options, budget options and compact options. Find the coyote call that best fits your needs.

1. FOXPRO Shockwave Game Call

Best Overall Coyote Call

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The FoxPro Shockwave Game Call has a variety of unique features that make it a top choice for predator hunting. It is a high-quality product that has a four-unit speaker horn. This is great for producing a loud sound. These interesting features will help you decide if this is the product that you are looking for.

FoxPro Shockwave Features:

  • Calling Features: The Shockwave has three unique features to make the calls more realistic and more likely to pull in a predator. First, you can combine any two sounds during the calling sequence to confuse you targests. Second, this call mimics movement by switching sounds from one speaker to the other speaker. This adds realism to your sounds. Third, you change the pitch of the sound at any time to trigger a predator to respond.
  • Sounds: The Shockwave comes with 100 sounds pre-installed and is able to hold up to 1000 calls that you can add. The quality is great because it has four speakers (2 horn and 2 tweeters) to produce sound over a long range. If you want more range, you can use the two built-in external speaker jacks to add more speakers to the device.
  • Other Features: Another useful feature is an auxiliary port that allows you to attach approved accessories such as a decoy. The Shockwave even has a built-in moon phase indicator, barometer and thermometer to help you track hunting conditions.


Things we like

  • Realistic calls and sounds.
  • FOXBANG™ detects a firearm shot and automatically changes the call to a predetermined setting.
  • Control the pitch to trigger the predator to come in.
  • FOXFUSION™ allows you to mix and match any two sounds.
  • Multiple speakers simulate movement with the sound.


Things that could be better

  • The remote switch is not in a good spot because it can get turned on accidentally.
  • Only comes with 100 calls, though it holds up to 1000 that can be added manually.
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The ICOtec Outlaw Game Call and Decoy Combo is a preferred choice for many predator hunters. It’s a great call and it provides the added benefit of an electronic decoy. The quality and effectiveness of this call make it a recommended buying option.

ICOtec Outlaw Features:

  • Calling Features: The Outlaw allows you to play any two sounds at the same time. The remote makes this easy with two separate play buttons. Two sounds adds to the realism and increases the curiosity of the predator you are trying to call.
  • Sounds: The Outlaw is pre-programmed with 240 sounds and has room to add up to 450 sounds. ICOtec has a free sound library where you can download additional sounds. You can add sounds to the ICOtec using Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac operating systems.
  • Decoy: The included decoy makes this call more effective. The decoy has adjustable speeds and it includes an LED light for nighttime hunting. You can turn the decoy on or off using the remote.
  • Other Features: The remote is a strong feature on the Outlaw. It will work up to 300 yards from the call without line of sight. The remote is large and easy to use with daytime or nighttime screen settings.
ICOtec Outlaw Call and Decoy Combo


Things we like

  • Good sound quality and it is loud.
  • 300 yard range from remote to call.
  • Play 2 calls at the same time.
  • Free sound library to add additional calls.
  • The decoy works great with the call.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry when on the move.


Things that could be better

  • Premium device comes at a higher cost.
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The Primos Turbo Dogg Electronic Predator Call is a popular product choice for many hunters. As a hunter, Primos is a name you will recognize. They make some great calls and live up to their slogan of “Speak the Language”.

Primos Turbo Dogg Features:

  • Calling Features: The Primos Turbo Dogg has a speaker with a 25 watt amplifier that produces far reaching sound. A unique feature of the Turbo Dogg is that the speaker rotates up and down. This movement adds depth to the sound and makes it more realistic and attractive to predators.
  • Sound: The Turbo Dogg includes 36 distinct sounds but it also includes four pre-programmed sequences. These four programmed sequences last between 10-20 minutes each and were created by an expert predator hunter. You can purchase and add up to 500 additional sounds from the Primos sound library.
  • Other Features: The Primos Turbo Dogg is compact but expandable. It has an audio out port to add another speaker and a decoy port if you want to add a decoy to the call. The remote can reach up to 150 yards in ideal conditions.


Things we like

  • Compact (9″ long) but great sound quality.
  • Speaker rotates up and down for better sound depth.
  • Add a decoy or extra speaker.
  • Includes 4 pre-programmed calling sequences from an expert.


Things that could be better

  • Remote range is limited without a stand.
  • Only includes 36 sounds and extra sounds are not cheap.
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4. ICOtec GC300

Lowest Price & Lots of Features

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The ICOtec GC300 has an amazing number features for a budget call. I can’t find another call under $100 that has the features and quality of the GC300. If you are a beginner or someone that just wants to go out once or twice per year, then you will be very happy with this device.

ICOtec GC300 Features:

  • Calling Features: The ICOtec GC300 game call has the ability to play two sounds at the same time. This makes it easier to confuse and call in smarter animals. Just select the two sounds on the remote and the all does the rest.
  • Sounds: The ICOtec G300 includes 12 electronic calls triggered by the push button remote. The sounds include: Cottontail Distress, Jack Rabbit Distress, Coyote Pup Distress, Fawn Distress, Woodpecker Distress, Crow Distress, Raccoon Pup Distress, Gray Fox Distress, Coyote Female, Coyote Male, Coyote Yip/Howl, Bobcat Adult.
  • Other Features: The ICOtec GC300 is a budget call, but additional features can be added. First, the GC300 includes an auxiliary port to add an additional speaker for louder sounds. Second, the GC300 now has a decoy port to add a decoy that can be triggered by the remote. Speaking of the remote, it is a simple to use, backlit, push button remote that has a range of 300 yards!


Things we like

  • Amazing quality for the price.
  • Port to add a decoy.
  • Play two sounds at the same time to confuse predators.
  • Backlit remote that can be used daytime or nighttime.


Things that could be better

  • Limited to the 12 included sounds.
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The Foxpro Inferno Electronic Game Call is the smallest call in our list. It is lightweight and portable, which makes in a great choice if you have to walk a distance to your hunting location. This is a quality call in a compact package.

Foxpro Inferno Features:

  • Calling Features: The Foxpro Inferno is a basic model with minimal additional calling features. You can play sounds individually, randomly or repeatedly. This device is best for portability versus multiple calling features.
  • Sounds: The Inferno call comes equipped with 75 calls ready for your use. You can manually add more calls (up to 200 total) from the free Foxpro sound library. This is a simple process using your computer and a USB connection. The Foxpro Inferno uses a single speaker but is fairly loud for the size.
  • Other Features: One of the greatest features on the Inferno is the remote. The remote has an oversized LCD screen that is easy to read and use. Calls are arranged in categories so you can easily find what you need. It also has a customizable user button that you can program for quick access to a preset. While small in size, the Inferno has auxiliary inputs to add another speaker or a decoy to the call.


Things we like

  • Extremely light and portable but still loud.
  • 75 sounds included with more sounds available for free.
  • Great remote that is larger and easier to use (day or night).
  • FOXBANG™ detects a firearm shot and automatically changes the call to a predetermined setting.


Things that could be better

  • No advanced calling features found on other products.
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How to Use Electronic Calls for Hunting Coyotes – The Ultimate Coyote Calling Tips

These tips will help you understand the coyote calling process. It is important to not only understand the predator you’re wanting to call in but to understand the surroundings too. Predators are familiar with their territory and they aren’t easily fooled. Here are some tips that can be helpful in getting more positive calling outcomes.

Practice is Essential

An electronic coyote call can take time to master. You should spend time practicing and getting familiar with the product and it’s features before heading out into the field.

The coyote call cannot be mastered on the first try. However, over time you will get familiar with the type of sounds that you need based on the prey you’re hunting.

The type of terrain and territory that you will hunt in can also impact the type of sounds you use. If one way does not work, try another way until you feel comfortable using the call.

Do not expect to call in a coyote without ever using the device before. The more that you practice, the better you will become at mastering the right calls to use.

Seclusion is Everything

When you are going out on your first hunt, it is important to stay hidden. A coyote will not come near you if the animal spots you first. This is why a long range remote and call are better.

Find a good place to hide before you begin calling in a coyote. It is a good idea to ensure that the spot you pick keeps you hidden but provides a great visual to see the coyote coming towards you.

You will have a better chance of getting a coyote if you are in an undetected spot in the terrain. If there is low lying brush or thickets, use this for coverage.

Pay Close Attention to The Wind Direction

The wind can play a big part when hunting coyote or other animals. It is recommended to walk towards the wind and have it blowing towards your face.

Coyotes have a keen smell because they are in the canine family. If you walk away from the wind and have it blowing against your back, the coyote will smell you. This will prevent the coyote from following the sound of the call.

It will limit your chances of being able to call in and take a coyote if you are not downwind

Find a Vantage Point

Once you are in the hunting terrain, find a good vantage point. The vantage point is a location that will keep you out of sight but give you a good visual of your surroundings.

Scope out a perfect vantage point location before using the call. The vantage point should be a place that will allow you to see the coyote coming towards you from a distance. You will not be able to shoot a coyote if you have zero visibility and are in a bad location. Do your research before you begin the hunt.

Blend with Your Surroundings

Concealment is an important factor when hunting any type of animal. Use appropriate camo to keep yourself from being detected. You will want to blend in with your surroundings and stay undetected.

Use the right camo for adequate coverage. Being able to fully blend in with the surroundings will keep you from being spotted by a coyote when it is coming towards you. Wear clothing that is camo colored and that will blend in with the terrain you will be hunting.

Time is of the Essence

It can take the time to bring a coyote in for you to get an accurate shot. Do not give up. Pace yourself and give yourself plenty of time to hunt. The coyote will likely follow down the wind when it is blowing heavily. Set up your vantage point spot closer to the area that the coyotes may be frequenting. The closer you are the better chances you will get a coyote to come close even if the wind is blowing at higher than normal speed. A coyote uses the wind to guide them and you should not throw in the towel. Even on a heavily winded day, you can still call in a coyote.

Stand Time is Important

A coyote can take up to 30 minutes before coming into view after using the electronic call. Provide enough stand time between calls and wait. The coyote will show themselves as long as they had not detected you. If the coyote is not in sight within a half hour of time, then call again, or move to another location.

Patience is a Virtue

The main tip to remember when going on a coyote hunt is to have plenty of patience. It takes the time to prepare and get set up in the woods before even beginning to use the call. Ensure that you have followed all the tips before starting to call in the prey.

Patience and skills are the two main ingredients to have a positive outcome when hunting coyote. If you get in a hurry and do not prepare first, then you may not have any luck at all on the hunt. The more preparation you do to get set up for the hunt, the better you be at the hunt itself.

Wrapping It Up

The electronic coyote and predator calls all have unique features. Each of the products above are quality calls worth considering.

The right call is different for each hunter based on their needs and budget. Review these products to determine which one is a good buying option for your calling needs.

If you want the best all around call, then I highly recommend you check out the ICOtec Outlaw.

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