Best Cold Weather Hunting Gloves [2021 Update]

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Best Cold Weather Hunting Gloves

If you enjoy hunting during cold winter months, you need to invest in a good pair of gloves. The right pair of cold weather hunting gloves will keep you comfortable outside for hours.

Stay warm whether you are in your tree stand or on the ground. Gloves also keep you safe by preventing injury and medical conditions like frostbite.

The best cold weather hunting gloves provide the warmth and protection you need. They also allow the freedom to quickly use your hands for glassing or to make a shot.

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6 Best Cold Weather Hunting Gloves

Hunting gloves protect you from the cold and also from accidents that can happen on the field.

I recommend one of the full-fingered gloves if you are going to be moving and active or one of the mittens if you will be sitting still in a stand or blind.

These top hunting gloves and mittens will keep your hands warm on those cold, late-season mornings.

1. SITKA Stormfront GTX Glove

Best Premium Glove for Cold Weather

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The SITKA Stormfront cold weather hunting gloves are one of the most expensive on this list. But this premium glove will keep your hands warm during the coldest late-season big game hunting trips.

Its removable layers provide the right amount of warmth, no matter the temperature. SITKA rates its GTX glove highest for wind and water protection. You can wear these in any weather conditions.


  • GORE-TEX Technology: These materials make the gloves lightweight and breathable. They also provide waterproof protection and durability for outdoor wear. The GORE-TEX shell has three layers of material. This keeps your hands dry and warm in cold, inclement conditions.
  • Fleece Liner: The compression-resistant fleece liner locks in heat. Yet, it is removable if conditions do not need this extra layer. You can also interchange this liner with other SITKA liners that better meet your needs.
  • Synthetic Palm and Finger Panels: These panels allow for a range of motion and firm grip.
  • GORE OPTIFADE Concealment Subalpine: Blend into your surroundings. The pattern is designed for wooded and tree-covered terrains.


Things we like

  • High-quality insulation provides warmth.
  • Waterproof layers suitable for all conditions.
  • Removable fleece layer for warmer weather.


Things that could be better

  • Thicker than similar gloves; challenging to shoot with a shotgun.
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The SITKA Stormfront GTX gloves are our Best Premium Gloves for Cold Weather. The high-quality, trademarked materials provide superior comfort. While they may be more costly, the investment is worth the price. The fleece liners and thoughtful patterns will keep you warm and hidden.

2. Badlands Convection Glove

Best Value Cold Weather Gloves

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The Badlands Convection glove is a great value but high performing glove for cold weather. It is insulated and rated to keep your hands warm in freezing temperatures. This prevents a drop in your performance or the risk of chronic cold-weather ailments.

Its long cuff and cinched drawstring allow you to tuck your coat sleeves. This prevents heat from escaping or cold air from getting in. Keep your trigger finger warm during late season hunts.


  • Approach FX Camo: Blend into your surroundings with the Approach FX camo pattern. This innovative technology adapts to your surroundings by using a darker color palette. The pattern is best for midwest and eastern hunters or late season western hunters.
  • Ax Suede: This high-quality material protects while still allowing for flexibility.
  • Insulation: The insulation provides comfortable warmth without needing hand warmers. Yet, if you prefer to use hand warmers, you may need to size up. Larger sizes allow for a better fit between your base layer and your top layer Convection glove.


Things we like

  • Durable and abrasion-resistant.
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • Waterproof material for all weather conditions.


Things that could be better

  • Loud material when brushing up against bushes or trees.
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The Badlands Convection glove traps warm heat but allows you to easily use your gun. The insulation does not add too much extra bulk, and the Ax suede works to trap heat. The durable, waterproof outer shell makes these gloves cleaned in your washing machine.

3. Hot Shot Huntsman Pop-Top Mittens

Best Overall Cold Weather Glove/Mitten

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The Hot Shot pop-top mittens are the most versatile choice for cold weather gloves. They provide the warmth of mittens and dexterity of gloves. These functional outdoor gloves are perfect for keeping your fingers warm when sitting and glassing. Additionally, you can flip the top open to reveal your fingers to make a shot.

The Hot Shot pop-top mittens are designed to keep you warm in varying degrees of weather. It has almost 3 oz or 80 grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation and an antimicrobial lining.


  • 3M Thinsulate: This insulation has removable layers. They provide the right amount of warmth, no matter the season. 3M’s Thinsulate technology is a down alternative insulation. It is lightweight, flame resistant, and water-resistant.
  • Zipped Warmer Pouch: Include a heat pack for especially cold trips. The zipper pocket keeps your heat pack in place. It still allows heat to radiate throughout the pop-top mittens.
  • Pro-Text Technology: Keep loved ones informed without exposing your hands to the elements. Use your index finger to text. Pro-Text touch technology allows you to use your touchscreen smartphone.
  • Odor Resistant: The Odor-XChange microbial lining prevents moisture build-up and targets odor-causing bacteria.


Things we like

  • Versalite mittens with a flip top for full finger usage.
  • 80 grams of Thinsulate.
  • Added warmth from the heat pad pocket.
  • Magnet closers are quieter than snaps or velcro.
  • Comes in three different sizes to fit most hands.


Things that could be better

  • Mittens tend to come apart at the seams over time.
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The Hot Shot Huntsman pop-top mittens are our best choice for versatility. They provide much-needed warmth while also allowing for a range of motion. The magnetic closures allow you to switch between gloves and mittens. They make no noise to prevent scaring away game. The mitten layers are lightweight and breathable, preventing smells while providing warmth.

4. Nomad Conifer Flip Mitt

Best Cold Weather Hybrid Glove

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The Nomad men’s conifer flip mitten is another hybrid. The adjustable pop-top mitten combines the best of mittens and gloves. It provides a warm, comfortable covering for your hands that still allows for a range of motion. These gloves are a little bulkier and a little warmer than the previous gloves.

These fleece-lined mittens are available in SM and ML. Choose between three camouflage patterns, Mossy Oak Bottomland, Realtree Edge, and Realtree Timber. These designs blend in with any surroundings.


  • Elevated Whitetail Collection: This flip mitt is part of the Elevated Whitetail Collection. It is designed with noise control in mind. The adjustable wrist and attachments are nearly noiseless.
  • Durable Water Repellent: DWR materials keep water and moisture away. The exterior blocks water from getting through its layers. While the water-resistant interior membrane barrier allows moisture to escape.
  • Pro-text trigger finger: You don’t have to worry about taking off your gloves to keep in touch on your smartphone.


Things we like

  • Operable with touch smartphones.
  • 140 grams of Thinsulate.
  • Use Hand Warmer inserts to increase warmth.
  • Inside gloves are bulky but usable.


Things that could be better

  • Thumb flip over does not cover the thumb completely, allowing cold air in.
  • The inner glove is not waterproof.
  • A little bulky for some uses.
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This Nomad Conifer is a versatile mitt that protects from the wind and water. Noise control technology allows you to silently adjust your mitten. The water-resistant membrane allows for moisture to escape, keeping you warm and comfortable.

5. Brooks Down Glassing Mitt

Best Lightweight Winter Hunting Mitten

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The Brooks down glassing mitt tops our list as a lightweight glassing mitten. Its minimalist design and lightweight materials fit anywhere. They are perfect for any hunting gear kit and will come in handy while glassing on cold late-season hunts.

The 800 fill DownTek is lightweight at less than four ounces. Its advanced insulation technology keeps you warm but allows you to stay comfortable. It also protects your hands in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit


  • 37.5 DownTek Insulation: The down has been treated with durable water repellency (DWR). The treatment prevents water from getting through to your hands. When exposed to moisture, DownTek creates a barrier that beads up water. This prevents it from seeping through the fabric. This non-toxic insulation will keep your hands dry and comfortable so you can focus on your game.
  • Nylon Webbing Loop: The nylon webbing loop helps with storage. Hang these mittens in your gear pack or wherever you need them to grab and go.
  • Nylon Shell: Nylon blocks out wind, keeping you warm and focused.


Things we like

  • Lightweight and easy to pack/carry or for extended glassing sessions.
  • Four size options offer a comfortable fit.
  • Insulation keeps hands warm in temperatures to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.


Things that could be better

  • Needs more grip at the fingers to better hold binoculars and other tools.
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Pack the Brooks Down glassing mitt to stay prepared for your late-season hunts. Hang these up with the rest of your gear or fold them down. The 37.5 DownTek insulation keeps you warm and whisks away moisture. 

6. SITKA Gear Blizzard GTX Mitten

Best Extreme Cold Weather Hunting Mitten

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The SITKA Gear Blizzard GTX Mitten is the go-to glove for extreme weather conditions. It is made from top of the line, high-quality materials. These materials can withstand freezing outdoor climates which makes it extremely durable. Advanced technology layers and leather palms provide excellent grip. These rugged mittens last during long days spent outdoors.

Choose between Optifade Subalpine or Optifade Open Country concealment patterns. Each is optimized to keep you hidden from 50 years away or more at ground level in wooded or rocky environments.


  • Pittard’s Oiltac Leather Palms: Provide high-grip and sensitivity for control while glassing.
  • PrimaLoft: Ultra-fine engineered fibers keep warmth even when your gloves are wet. 
  • Tex shell: Blocks out snow. It is attached by velcro for optional wear.
  • Removable Layers: The removable insulated liner is made from PrimaLoft technology. It provides an extra layer of warmth in frigid temperatures. You can also remove this layer on warmer days to prevent bulk.


Things we like

  • Enough extra room to layer with something else.
  • Made with durable materials for hunting.
  • Three layers provide waterproof protection.


Things that could be better

  • Expensive option based on similar products.
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Invest in SITKA Blizzard mittens if you are serious about late-season hunting. This is the warmest and most durable cold weather hunting glove you will find. SITKA uses innovative, high-quality leathers and fabrics not found on similar gear. They also prevent moisture build-up and allow for high-grip.

Winter Hunting Glove Buying Guide

When selecting the best cold weather hunting gloves, there are a lot of options to choose from. Look for features that are most important to you based on when and where you are hunting.

Gloves vs. Mittens

Personal preference plays a significant role when choosing between gloves and mittens. Gloves allow for increased dexterity with complete control over your fingers. Mittens keep all your fingers together, which allows your hands to use your body’s heat to keep warm inside the mitten.

Depending on the size you choose, you can layer both gloves and mittens. Use an extra pair of gloves for increased warmth. You may prefer one option over the other. Regardless, look for gloves or mittens with features that will benefit you.

  • Weatherproof – It is vital to keep your hands warm. Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your fingers. Look for something that is wind and waterproof to withstand most environments.
  • Insulation – Look for well-insulated gloves made with layers and quality materials. Choose between down or synthetic insulation, depending on your preference and budget.
  • Breathability – While you don’t want wind whipping through your gloves, you also don’t want your hands to sweat. Look for breathable fabrics that are comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Flip Top Mittens

Flip top mittens are the new best of both worlds. They provide the body heat of mittens and the increased dexterity of gloves. This helps when you need to use your hands more efficiently.

There are different flip top mittens to choose from. Whole gloves that fit under your flip top mittens provide warmth. While fingerless gloves allow for increased sensitivity on your fingertips.

You may have to open your flip top mittens out in the field. Look for mittens with magnetic closures. Standard snaps or velcro may provide a secure seal, but magnetic closures are quieter. This may make the difference in hitting your intended target.

Using Hand Warmers with Mittens

Even the most insulated mittens may not completely withstand freezing temperatures. This is especially true for extended periods spent hunting. Some gloves or mittens now fit small pouches within their layers for hand warmers

The most common hand warmers today are air-activated or supersaturated solution options. Air-activated warmers produce heat using exothermic oxidation. This is a chemical reaction occurring when exposing iron to air. These warmers can last up to 10 hours but may dissipate after only a few hours.

Supersaturated solution activates by cracking a small, metal disk. The disk bending causes a salt crystallization chemical reaction that releases heat. You can reset supersaturated solution warmers by boiling them in water.

Some uncommon, but still used, hand warmers include battery-powered, charcoal, or lighter fluid. These options can produce a warm heat that will last hours but may not be as safe as the more common options.

If your gloves do not have hand warmer pouches built-in, you can still use them by layering your gloves. Put a thin glove on to cover your hand. Then, rest your hand warmer between that base layer and your top layer gloves or mittens.


Winter is a prime time to hunt for a wide range of game. Improve your comfort and chances of success by protecting yourself from the elements. The best cold weather hunting gloves are different depending on how cold it is going to be on your hunt.

Stay prepared in a wide variety of conditions with the HotShot Huntsman Pop-top Mittens. Pair them with a hand warmer and your fingers will stay warm. When it’s time to take the shop, flip the top and get full use of your fingers.

For extremely cold weather, just get the SITKA Gear Blizzard Mitten. This glove will protect you from the worst and coldest weather. It’s an investment that will last season after season.


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